April 5th-6th, 2017@ Jabalpur (M.P.)

International Symposium




  Dedicated International Events for Women Entrepreneurs

  To Export - WHEN-WHERE-HOW

  To be vendored to MNCs

  Skill Development & new business opportunities

NETWORK: With National and International delegations of Women Entrepreneurs Financial Agencies & Govt. Agencies

LEARN: From Export Promotional Councils, (Diff. Sectors)

Export Experts, Exim Banks, Export Schemes

SHOW CASE: Products & Services of MSME women entrepreneurs & sell at International Exhibition of SWEEP 2017

OPPORTUNITIES: For learning to export to new counties B2B with buyers and MNCs, Bilaterals trade

ACHIEVE: Women Entrepreneurs : However small your business may be Be recognised & inspired.

To Sell is important, but to know how to sell for better profit and sustainable growth is even more important.You will enlighten your selves about building new markets, scope for new products, overseas linkages, new assistance schemes and tools for exports, with emphasis on special schemes for women entrepreneurs. Mitigating export risks is a very integral point to be addressed. Protect your export against The declining dollar and strengthening rupee. Meet financial experts and credit rating agencies to finance and support your exports. gain recognition for your efforts through MAWE Achievement Awards: Export Network & share best practices with experts, successful women entrepreneurs, explore joint ventures and strategic partnerships.


MAWE, established in 2000, has a strong membership of women in business and women aspiring to be entrepreneurs. To guide, mentor and support these women, MAWE has been striving through various programs, regularly networking with Govt. and NGOs that support women entrepreneurship . MAWE has representation on national and international forums.

President's Invite

I firmly believe that women entrepreneurs especially in the MSME sector can achieve sustainable & exponential growth through export. However women entrepreneurs who contribute significantly to the economy and also provide employment to others mostly being in the MSME sector face challenges of competing even in the domestic market. MAWE recognizes the dire need of working for sustainable growth of women extrepreneurs and therefore wants to prepare them for the highest challenge of exporting their products and services to meet global standards, their products and services gain an immediate competitive edge even in the domestic market. With globalization there has been a shrinking of boundaries and we have entered an increasingly "flat" word. Exports, increase reach to new markets and can serve as an important means to increase profits and market share. Why remain bound to local markets alone? Why not take the bold step of taking your products to the world and earn better margins too. Women will also be introduced to MNC's so they may be integrated as vendors into the gloval value chain. Please Join Us


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